– Super Protein Blend

There is a protein complex used to develop the protein aspect of this shake.  To ensure nutrient content it is processed at a low temperature.

– Super Fruit/ Antioxidant Blend

Antioxidants are for anti-aging, cellular regenerating, and heart health properties.  Just know that your Vitamin C tabs have NOTHING on these superfood powerhouses!  Beachbody has included the ALL- STARS of immune boosting antioxidants.  Camu Camu alone is insane (prevents viral infection, bacterial infection and degenerative brain disease), not to mention Goji Berry (neuro-protection, blood sugar levels), Acerola Cherry (diabetes management, cognitive function, slows lung cancer spread) and then there is Rose Hips which specifically paired with High Vit C Herbs to enhance our body’s ability to absorb all that C goodness!

– Super Green/ Phytonutrients Blend

Phyto=Plant nutrients – the stuff that makes you a super human!  Super Greens are like miniature gift bags exploding at the seams with all sorts of benefits for your machine of a body!  Incredibly nutrient dense foods!  Super Greens aid in detoxification, purification and alkalinization of the body.  They feed our cleansing powerhouses (liver & kidneys) to function optimally and create homeostasis in our body.  PH balance is very critical in the body… cancer cells cannot survive in oxygen-rich, alkaline environments.

– Adaptogen Blend

Stress is our norm.  We burn out our hormones, especially our adrenal glands.  (The adrenals control the release of the stress hormone cortisol, which promotes fat storage, and have a domino effect on the rest of our sex hormones as well as our thyroid).  The herbs in this formula are in a class of their own called ‘adaptogen’ herbs.  This essentially means that they help bring us back to baseline.  If you are stressed and anxious, they help bring you down.  If you are lagging, depressed and have no energy, they will help bring you up.  It’s that simple.  These amazing herbs help NOURISH our hormonal system to find homeostasis, which in turn revs up our metabolism and helps us lose that dreaded belly fat!  Incredible!

– Prebiotics, Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes

These are the superstars of gut (intestine) and immune health. They are vital to decrease belly bloat and improve the digestive function by moving out the gunk and creating a healthy flora within the intestines for optimal absorption of key nutrients.  The gut is where we absorb our nutrients and where we can create toxic sludge.  If damaged, the digestive system can make our lives miserable!  70% of the immune system resides within the digestive system, which also makes addressing this area huge in preventing disease and illness of any kind.  The probiotics in ShakeO are specifically chosen and designed to survive the stomach acid and make their way to the small intestines where they are really needed to clean house and heal the intestinal lining.  Enzymes are also SO very important in aiding the body with nutrient absorption, decreasing inflammation and so many other benefits.  It’s the bomb!!

You should also be pleased to know that the QUALITY of these ingredients are held to an incredibly high standard.  All ingredients are grown in nutrient rich soil free from toxins and pesticides, and are continuously tested to make sure they are not contaminated by GMOs. If you haven’t noticed already, the price of this bad-ass formula is incredibly reasonable for what you’re getting in each serving.  If you were to purchase each of these formulas separately, even On Sale, you’d spend wayyy more than you’d spend on Shakeology, even before the coach discount!